- Tridium Niagara AX® and N4® Certified -

Custom Dashboards


Dashboards give you a snapshot of your entire facility on one page saving valuable time in for operators.

Animated Interfaces


Animated interfaces can display both command and status data for determining whats actually happening with your equipment in real time.

Simplified Scheduling


Weekly and Special Event scheduling for anything and everything in your building.

Custom Control


Data normalization means points 

can be easily controlled and 

shared across protocols and 

custom control strategies can be

 implemented quickly and easily.

Runtime Optimization


Optimized Start and Stop times 

based on occupancy, 

space temperatures 

and outside air temperatures to 

maximize comfort and efficiency.

Open Protocol Systems


Today's open protocol systems leave locked up proprietary systems in the past. 

Tridium Niagara® 

has revolutionized building  automation with their open protocol platform.